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Star Trek -- who DOESN"T like it?
Kar-el by Mike Grell

I've come to realize that their are two kinds of people who don't like Star Trek.

The first, on the whole, simply don't get it because they can't understand it. They can't accept imaginative fiction with concepts, ideas and metaphor that needs a thought process. They are the masses who watch a lot of reality television, top ten shows and, are now, constantly texting and twittering LOL and are glued to their Ipod.

The second are people that don't watch TV at all or refuse to watch the show because it is "Sci-Fi". Despite their lack of knowledge about the show, they will  still talk about it in a derogatory snide fashion and will prejudge Star Trek fandom on their skewed impressions gleaned from SNL, other media and MADTV.

I have taught high school for 25+ years and this broad generalization applies to both faculty and students.

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I agree...although I've been known to watch American Idol once in a while (okay mostly this season because of Adam LOL), and a top ten show now and then *coughCSINYcough* and I'm of course addicted to my iPod for the music...but I like Star Trek :)

The whole stereotype thing angers me....

No, I'm not twitter and bisted

Hey Thrace
I am so bad at making my point clear -- but I love writing rants -- most I dare not post :)
I also love my Ipod (top 40 alternative and occasional dancy hiphop mostly -- oh fold and certain country too -- hey I'm open to anything almost :)
I watch non-competitive reality shows(extreme home makeover, Holmes on holmes John and Kate plus 8 etc)
and I adore Law and Order -- especially Criminal Intent. I'm no TV snob, I watch too much of it really. I guess I meant there are people who watch nothing but the competitive back-stabbing reality shows that thrive on on humiliation and debasement whether they mean to or not.

In a way, I have stereotyped Star Trek and Sc-Fi 'haters" in a similar way they have sterotyped 'us'. I guess two wrongs may not make a right.

Whoever 'us' is

Re: No, I'm not twitter and bisted

*facepalm* I didn't mean YOU were stereotyping..sorry if I worded my response badly...I agree with you about the people who watch those reality shows that thrive on the humiliation and the eating of really gross things BLEEECH.

And there ARE people who stereotype the sci-fi/Star Trek/whatever fans and one of my favorite things to do is to shock them and reveal that alas - I am one of them...I love the looks on people's faces when I tell them I'm a huge sci-fi fan...because apparently...I don't look like one LOL. Just shakes them to their core and makes them (for one brief moment) realize that maybe just maybe they were wrong :)

I think as a whole the sci-fi community tends to be one of thinkers - yes we can get wrapped up in our sci-fi ness but I think as a whole...we think more about the world around us...than the people that watch those backbiting reality shows and vapid sitcoms.

Re: No, I'm not twitter and bisted

Cute icon, thanks.
No worries, I thought I'd offended YOU, but it sounds like we are 'of one mind.'
As Spock might say.

Re: No, I'm not twitter and bisted

Thanks. Nope, didn't offend me, my comment was worded badly LOL. *hugs*

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