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Say NO to Twitter (sorry)
clark wave
I'd like to apologize to everyone that was irritated by the robotic twitter stream that my journal has been for the last month. I thought it woulod be a good idea *headdesk* to link my twitter (which I use only to promote our charitable choir) with LJ.

What a mess!

I spent the last half-hour deleting the automatic entries posted by twitter on my journal. To my eye, my LJ looked like a ticker tape reading. Twitter is not always the way.

So, no more autiomation for me here. It can gum up my FB all it wants since that is easily ignored, but the last thing I want is the few friends I have left here dumping me. I am currently reeling from the changes in my life and am mending fences with my f-list on an individual basis.

Feel free to message me with suggestions -- despite all my activity on the web (mostly for my choir, but LJ is just for me) I still act like a newb most of the time.

As in life, I seem to step on toes and unmake friends.


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No need to apologize here - I can always skim a post if it's about something I'm not involved in. But I would very much like to hear more from you than from your Twitter. *lots of hugs*

And I hope you shall!
I am just digging out from under my Mom's stuff -- so much is garage sale gleanings -- she was not a hoarder, but a "saver"
Now it's all at my house and I'm donating most of it, but it takes time to sort through.
Without her here I'm suddenly finding time to think again. Her Alzeimers was so all-consuming to us all that my sisters and I are kind of at a loss what to do with ourselves now.
So picking up my writing is a good idea now -- now that I can focus again too.

Oh, snap! Don't let it get you down. (I use Twitter but I don't cross-post, basically because I'm too lazy and go by my RL identity there, so I keep them separated.)

If you want a fun excuse to "re-engage" on LJ, how about one of the 30 Days memes like 30 Days of Me or 30 Days of Fandom meme?

It does look like fun, I just have to decide when to do it -- perhaps in a week or two once the new semester of kids settles down. For a teacher this time of year everything starts all over again.

I have no Twitter for the real me -- just my choir.

Yes, this is the time of year that is crazy for HS teachers. My girls are knuckling down to study, both of them, but I know the teachers are marking like mad!

Yes -- final marks (is every school semestered?) are due next week. I don't know how teachers who have their own kids do it.
I'm trying not to think about the looming deadline -- just marking and inputting -- like eating an elephant -- one bite at a time. :)

Ironically, I'm writing a blog entry for Stairwell that praises Twitter since it has boosted our website hits a lot since I signed us up.

The internet is a weird place.

no apologies, those twitter posts are easy to skim over. *HUGS*

But soooo repetitive -- basically -- do you live near Ottawa and sing Tenor?

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