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Update on my Mom -- Today is a good day :)
Kar-el by Mike Grell

I feel I have to update everyone on my Mom and her well-being. (wrapped up with my own, of course.) I have moved forward A LOT with how I cope with her changing needs. I have packed my bookshelf with current books on the subject of Age-Related Dementia and Alzeimer's and feel I have a better perspective now.

It's still hard work, and can be very sad, but I am now able to be more empathetic to my Mom, and my frustration and anger are now about what the symptoms do to her rather than warping my feelings about her.

This is a BIG deal. As anyone caring for a a loved one with a terminal illmess can tell you, you go through a real grieving process with all the stages, and I am close to the acceptance stage.

This does not mean that I have no hope -- but I no longer hope for a CURE. I believe that my Mom, who is 91, is experiencing brain aging, which may or may not be Alzeimers -- which itself  may or may not be a form of brain aging!

I focus now on my relationship with her, helping her have pleasant experiences in her day and helping her through the confusing moments. My capacity for patience has exponentially increased now that I no longer focus on her condition. My attitude change came with time and a lot of great books -- listed below -- hopefully some of you can get some help with your own loved one too.

The Myth of Alzheimer's

ABC's of Activities for Alzheimers

The 36-hour Day


Kar-el by Mike Grell
Long time no post but RL has been all I can do to keep up.
I randomly came on this website and since my photos are a HUGE part of my existence, I thought everyone who may read this should know about it and spread the word.
http://ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com/If you find a camera or memory card, this is the site to help get it back to its owner.

Remember -- those lost pics could be yours!


Calling all Christmas Carol Afficianados in the Ottawa area !!
Kar-el by Mike Grell

Just a reminder from the Stairwell Carollers - Un petit mot pour vous rappeler

[la version française suit]

Just a reminder that our main Christmas concert “Laudemus cum armonia” will be held on

Saturday, December 20th
7:30 pm
St. Charles Church, 135 Barette St. (off Beechwood) in Vanier
Hope you can join us for an evening of beautiful a cappella Christmas carols in multiple harmonies.  The concert will be followed by coffee and great desserts!
Looking for help with our website! If there is any Friend of the Stairwell Carollers out there who would be interested in helping out with maintaining and updating our website, we'd love to hear from
you!  Please contact our Director, Pierre Massie, at info@stairwellcarollers.com
Un petit mot pour vous rappeler que notre concert de Noël  “Laudemus cum armonia” aura lieu :
          le samedi 20 décembre
          à l'église Saint-Charles, 135 rue Barette (intersection Beechwood-Barette), dans Vanier.
Juste après le concert, il y aura une réception à laquelle vous êtes invités pour faire plus ample connaissance avec les choristes tout en dégustant quelques gâteries.
Nous sommes à la recherche d'une personne qui s'y connaît dans le domaine de la création de sites web et qui accepterait de nous aider à faire des mises à jour et à améliorer notre site bilingue. 
Si vous êtes cette personne, n'hésitez pas à nous écrire à Pierre Massie, directeur, info@stairwellcarollers.com

I love the circus!!! CARNIVALE LUNE BLUE
Kar-el by Mike Grell

So cool, fun and amazing -- fantasy nostalgia of  a circus of the thirties, CARNIVALE LUNE BLUE is on for another week --  We went last night and it was all amazing!!

Man of Steal
fighting words
Some personal thoughts about the latest news of our favourite characters film fate. You know the guy -- primary (or so) colours, goodness and LIGHT, does the right thing -- and has a killer grin?


I hate the real world.

The News
Warner Bros. also put on hold plans for another movie starring multiple superheroes -- known as "Batman vs. Superman" -- after the $215 million "Superman Returns," which had disappointing box-office returns, didn't please executives. "'Superman' didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to," says Mr. Robinov. "It didn't position the character the way he needed to be positioned."  This is how regretful and embarrassed the WB is...

These cufflinks are on sale at the WB shop for $16.95

And this backpack!! a paltry $18.95

The ring is a chintzy $219.99    Hey, I'm gonna pick up a dozen of those.

The WB may regret Superman Returns, but they sure don't regret SUPERMAN'S RETURNS!!!!

"The film received positive reviews and earned $391 million worldwide. " (WIKIPEDIA)

"The movie was well reviewed by many critics, receiving a "Certified Fresh" film ranking on Rotten Tomatoes, with 77% overall approval from critics, and a 73% from the "Cream of the Crop."[33] The film also received a 72% on Metacritic."(WIKIPEDIA)

 Obviously, this isn't enough. 

I now understand why they have to reboot Supes...

Reboot the character -- reboot the merchandise. 

Twice the bang for the buck -- sell the same stuff in different packaging AGAIN to the same fans.

I'm not buying another souvenir from these millionaire industrialists.

Superman is real and Lex Luthor owns the WB.
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Caring for Mom
Kar-el by Mike Grell
Today was tough.
Each day has changes and new challenges -- it certainly needs to be tackled one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. In fact, time passes differently for my mom. Her pace is so much slower, that I have to let go of all the stuff going around in my head. Stuff to do, stuff to plan for, stuff to want -- it all stops for her. I've decided to try to grab some time to write in the middle of the day -- rather than at night -- as I have been doing. At night I am brain-dead and physically dropping/falling asleep on the keyboard. I think a break from Mom-time might be good for me in the middle of the day too. 

Caring for my mom
Kar-el by Mike Grell
  Hi Everyone

I've been avoiding posting and my mom has been having some emotional ups and downs -- she is now aware that she most likely has Alzheimer's.

To recap (since it's been a while) my Mom lives with me and my husband, and we have been dealing with the diagnosis of age-related dementia for about 2 years now. Since her hip replacement in February, her Geriatric Assessment stated that she most likely has Alzheimer's. We have gone to a couple of support group meetings, which are very helpful, but since we live outside the city, the traveling can be prohibitive.

Today got off to a bad start with mom complaining about her zipper (I fixed it -- she forgot that you have to pull the little tab to close it), and her pillow being freezing cold all night. After LOTS of repetition I asked her what she wanted me to do and she got upset.  Sometimes I don't know what to say, because she takes what she wants from what is said -- usually misunderstanding. Her tendency is to remember negative events and enlarge on them over time, and completely forget positive experiences like her 90th birthday party or family visits or how much she loves the pool.
I guess I'm just tired and discouraged. I'm a teacher, so I've been with mom all day every day since the summer started, but no matter what fun things we line up for her, she is usually unhappy, withdrawn and self-involved. She stares at her hands and nails and constantly asks if my hands are as wrinkled or spotted.

On top of that, relatives tend to not know this. As soon as visitors show up or we go anywhere, she has a smile a mile wide and enjoys herself immensely. That evening, or the next day, she goes back to her sad mood and if you ask her about the outing or the visitors she replies in a flat manner as if it was unimportant to her or doesn't remember it at all.

Thanks for the chance to vent.

7 interests meme -- comment and I will challenge you to explain yourself!
 This is for </a></font></b></a>ancarett. and her
Seven Interests Meme

Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

</a></font></b></a>ancarett. asked me about 

charlie chaplin,
I've always been a fan of Chaplin, and a few years ago I put together a performance group called CLASSIC IMPRESSIONS. I was Charlie, and a bunch of my drama students were the Marx Brothers. We appeared around town for 3 years  together then another 5 mostly on my own (they were off at University). It was a blast.

digital cameras
My dad was a photographer and I started of course with film and now that digital has improved enough, I find it's so much more immediate and versatile than waiting to print pictures So much cleaner too, without all the chemicals.

Hey -- Clark Kent and Lois Lane -- need I say more? I'm not overly interested except in editorials or articles. Hard news is not my style

, mike grell,
My Comic artist pal from way back -- read my article  about the convention where I met up with him after 25 years long-distance friendship via snail and email. I still get sweet late-night emails (completely innocent) -- he's a bit psychic and knows when I am down.

I just like to ride the horse around the countryside

The band? 

As a drama teacher I promote tolerance and support it every day in a real world way. Kids are generally so much more accepting of differences nowadays but some still come to class spouting their parents dogma. I deal with it and can usually turn it to the positive.

Just Ducky

Here's a pair of mallards that decided to check out our pool (before any chemicals were in, thank God!
a natural pair o' ducks

 Hi -- I'm Clark, ain't I cute? I can fly.

And I'm Lois -- stop preening, Clark!

Ok, mnff - almost got it --

... and just ..here

and... here

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"I spent the night with Mike Grell" -- an article, by Kar-El (Kara-El)
    Mike, Stephen, Lesley, and Starbuck
Oh, behave. It’s not what you think -- at least it’s not what I think you think. My longstanding, long-distance like-affair -- with another woman’s husband -- was reaffirmed this past weekend at Toronto Comicon. 
In full view of Steve, Lesley and Starbuck, I might add.
I am shameless.
I noticed (like I could help it) that mikegrell.com’s webmaster, Stephen, has (apparently, unbeknownst to everyone but me) Christopher Reeve’s smile -- and Brandon Routh’s hair, eyes and profile. Steve, I have decided you need to have a Superman outfit for the next con.
Whoa… digression – sorry.
I’ve known Mike Grell since 1979 – the very day I dropped in on this little dimension from Earth Prime (comic book Curt Swan got it right –- almost*), where I was Earth's protector – The Last Daughter of Krypton. A chance meeting with a comic book artist, led to my being grounded here when a particle of Gold K -- caught in my cape -- gradually eliminated my powers.
It was Mike Grell, a comic book artist, who made his cash drawing little pictures of all the people I knew back home on Earth P.
Talk about a small universe.
Stuck here, I fabricated an identity, and hypnotised my way (using a deceptively simple, non-super Kryptonian technique) into a lovely family that bore me enough physical resemblance to pass.
Oh, yeah.
(Note to self – stop burying the Lead)
We hit it off, and I played the prerequisite part of adoring fan, while admiring some gorgeous renderings including some eerily accurate depictions of my cousin, Kal.
 Not Kal
Years passed, and I became accustomed to flying only in dreams (as Mike says… where we remember how), and our friendship subsisted on letters and phone calls -- our lives diverging, as lives do, and we lost track of each other – for years.
Enter, stage right, The Internet.
I still have the email that reconnected our two old souls, and could compile it -- and the rest, in a naughty, but nice, tell-all book.
However, I won’t.
The last time our eyes met, was at Maplecon in 1983 or ‘84, where we both had brown hair. Last Saturday, as Mike strode toward me, through the crowded dealer’s hall, and then entered the artists’ circle -- enveloping me in a warm and familiar bear hug -- I was somewhat gratified that our hair had remained the same colour.
Just… no longer brown.
Nothing had changed, and neither of us stopped talking ‘till we passed out from complete mental and physical exhaustion at about 3.00am.
As I said before, behave – Mike and I are both happily married – just not to each other. And, that’s okay.
After the warm welcome, Mike got down to pleasing his huge line-up of fans in his typical bighearted, yet professional, fashion. Giving each what they needed -- to his own detriment, in loss of sleep, later, when the many sketches promised would flow, water-like, from his pencil onto the pages of their own collectors’ sketchbooks.
A panel, an interview, more autographs and free sketches, and I marvelled how Mike’s drawing hand moved in tandem with the flow of stories, conversation, and quips – mostly his.
Never a dull moment.
A master storyteller in person, as well as through his graphic novels, Mike kept us regaled well into the night, with our own counterpoint tales rounding off the floorshow. Luckily, our raucous laughter rang unchecked, in the deserted hotel dining room.
The next morning, on the train, I kept company with a full tummy of good-tasting memories to digest on the four-hour ride home, and a heart and body still aching from hours of companionable laughter.

Link back to Mike Grell's official page


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