Kar-el by Mike Grell


SHHH... It's a Secret

(I'm REALLY a Kryptonian - shhh don't tell)

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What I've been doing...
Kar-el by Mike Grell
A lot of social networking for the choir. I made it this season's goal to get us on as many social network sites as I could. Most likely committing ssome sort of social friendiside or breaking networking etiquette by linking everything together (even though I suspect I'm not the only one doing this.

Anywho, now you can find my choir, The Stairwell Carollers, on ...


The%20Stairwell%20CarollersQuantcast ... and  I have a wicked cold.

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What's the name of that carol? It's so beautiful!

If you mean the first one showing, it's called "Come again, and it isn't a carol -- far from it (it's a bit of a risque song) It's a madrigal from the renaissance period -- they loved clever wordplay and often wrote songs that had double meaning -- usually naughty. Of course, very tame nowadays.
This was a spring concert, so it was primarily secular madrigals.

If you place the cursor across the bottom of the little screen, you will see there are 23 other vids there.

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