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SHHH... It's a Secret

(I'm REALLY a Kryptonian - shhh don't tell)

Hi All,

I'm a part-time Drama teacher from Canada, by way of Krypton, who loves writing and reading. A huge Superman fan, I agree with whoever said it first -- SUPERMAN RETURNS Ate My Brain!!! Loved the movie and wanted more, so I searched out a site with non-slash type stories and was pleasantly surprised when I found FF.net and, following some GREAT writers (see my F-list), wandered over here. You people here are a lot of fun and, so far, a sweet bunch. A plethora of budding and seasoned writers with tons of heart and soul devoted to good old Supes, the nicest guy I know next to my husband. Forgive me if I don't post too often, and I won't be hurt if you also read and run, but I am tough enough to take any and all sincere suggestions. (copied, pasted, truncated and re-writ from my bio at ff.net)


Supes Cuz, K.